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Monday, December 28, 2009

Welcome to Artful Insights

Hello, my name is Sharlena Aronhalt. I am really crafty and love to shop for and blog about crafting. It doesn't matter what type of crafting it is (except for knitting and tatting) I love to try new things and love to self express. I hope to one day soon be able to sell my designs once I have perfected them, but for now I just enjoy sharing them with others. Yarn is my guilty pleasure of choice... I began crocheting on November, 13 2009 and have been stitching up a storm ever since. I also love to make bouquets and arrangements out of false flowers, and love to scrapbook as well. I frequently go to Hobby Lobby and think... that is so cute... but I could make that for cheaper than they are selling it for. And so begins my life long obsession with crafting of all sorts. I hope you can be inspired by my musings or at least love to look at and read them. Other than crafting I enjoy fitness, fashion and blogging about my goals and dreams so you will also see a few things on here about that. Thanks for reading and I hope to get to know you through your comments. Sharlena

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