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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hello all.

So it has been FOREVER since I last posted.  Between my job and my home life and not having internet I just haven't had the time or resources to blog as often as I'd like.  I have however been crocheting up a storm!  And yes I am still on the baby hat kick.  I have ventured out into other avenues however like baby vests and plastic bag saver/holders and such but I find that the baby hats and small stuffed animals tend to sell the best so I think I will keep with what I do best.  I have sold a stuffed duck and two baby hats so far.  I have given many things away as gifts.  Right now I am crocheting up a storm because my mother in law is going to be opening a show with her friends for a month, I think next Nov. and I may be able to sell some of my things there.  Either way, if I can or can't I will be ordering business cards and creating a website soon in which to sell my stuff.  Let me know your thoughts and experiences with selling online and what you think is the best.  I am experimenting with for the web page and for the shop.  I would however, welcome input on how to go about selling my stuff at no cost, or very minimal cost.  Thanks for all the comments I am getting I love them and will try to answer as many as I can, as best I can.  Keep em' coming, and remember "Crochet today and keep the stress away"

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