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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hat Kick

So lately I've been on a baby hat kick... here are some pictures of the hats I've done so far.... I really like the one design.  Can you tell?  I made sure to write the instructions down so if I ever want to post or sell that pattern that I created then I can.
The first baby hat I made with red boucle yarn.

I really like this hat its so soft and was so easy to work up!

Here is the detail.

I love the colors of this hat. Because of the kind of yarn its a little smaller than the blue one though.

I like this hat but it again is small like the one above.

I decided to use some of the pound of boucle that I have to make a preemie hat in the same pattern.

I experimented with different colors here and I really like how it turned out.

Here is a better picture of the shape and pattern of the hat.  I figure it would be cute for a boy.

Hopefully soon I can get around to making more so maybe I can sell them!
Tell me what you think!

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