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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Craft Room Organization

Here are some fabulous photos of some craft rooms that I thought would easily translate into yarn storage possibilities.  I will label what I think they would be good for it I can.

First here is a slideshow of the cutest craft room I have ever seen.  It is a remodel from what the room looked like to what it looks like now.

I think these little magnetic spice containers would be great for anything from glitter to scrapbooking, and from kitty eyes to safety pins.  I have seen these many places but I can tell you they have them at the container store for sure.

Here are three good examples of yarn storage:
In the first pictures of the shelves in the closet, the cubbies can be found at IKEA.
The second picture is of a larger display of cubbies filled with yarn.
The third picture is of someones conversion of a shoe holder into a yarn holder, this would work well for an apartment.

Here is a rather unique idea... use trouser hangers to clip up your favorite fabric squares or scrapbook pages. Make sure to put them in scrapbook page protectors thought so they don't wrinkle.

Here is a shelf to display your rubber stamps for scrapbooking.

Here are some really nice pull out drawers for holding felt, paper, cardstock or anything else your heart can fancy.  These too, can be found at IKEA.

These magazine holders can be found at IKEA for 2 for 47 cents!  That's a steal!  But they are plain, and in this picture she used her favorite contact paper to dress it up and make it more crafty!  Adorable!

If you like these ideas they all can be found at  Give your comments or send me your photos of your own craft rooms and I will post them for everyone to see!
Happy Crafting!

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