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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Felt Food Crafts ^o^

For those of you who don't already know... felt food crafts are becoming highly popular with mom's that want to provide a safe and sanitary alternative to wooden and plastic play food.  With all of the lead scares out there why would you want to take the chance?  If your crafty with a needle, or even if your not there are some very cute play foods you can make using felt, which is easy to clean and disinfect.  You can also crochet food, that is also quite cute.  In this post I will provide photos and websites of places online where you can buy play food or patterns and also where you can find some great free patterns.  Happy Crafting!

Ok, this is a video I found on YouTube.  This lady has a site called where you can buy the patterns and tools you will need to finish any of her products.  This is one of her free patterns of an egg.  You can find many more extensive instructions on YouTube on her homepage LillyBeanplayfood.  I have personallly subscribed and I hope you do too.

I would suggest looking online for free patterns as well as on YouTube to find some very cute food items to make.

Here are some links to sites that sell or talk about felt play food. Some of them give away free patterns and some do not.   or  (these are downright artistic)  (Tons of FREE crochet, Knit and Felt food patterns)

And finally here are some of the cutest pics of felt food I found online.

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