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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Re-Furb Bracelet

Well I finished my first refurbished piece of jewelry.  I unfortunately got excited and ripped all the beads off of my un-worn jewelry before even thinking about getting before pictures.  So I guess from now on you will only get to see the afters.  Here is my first attempt at a revamp.

Here is a full shot of the bracelet.

Here is a close up of the tie.

Here you can see the ribbon woven in and out through the beads, and can also see how pretty the design is on the beads.

All I used was old beads, some hair ribbon, and a tapestry needle and some thick elastic thread.  Anyone can do this project and I encourage you to.  It is a way to spice up your old jewelry and make it feel like new.  And everyone likes new jewelry!  The beauty of this is, when your just not feeling it anymore you can re-furb it again and again.  YAY for craftiness!  Hope you all are inspired!
Happy Crafting

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