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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cat Ear Headband

This is a cat ear headband that I made for my sister.  I look so cute in it though.  Here are some other views of the ears before I put them on the headband.

The first image is the front of the ear that I made by using a pink yarn by lion brand and the second picture is of the back of the ear that I made using Caron Simply Soft in black.

It was fairly easy to achieve the shape of the ear and the lining to connect the front and back was just a single crochet chain along the edges of the two ears. Then I connected them to a headband made of double crochet by stitching it with a tapestry needle.

I hope you all will experiment making one for yourself it was quite fun and very quick.

Happy Crafting!


  1. Very cute! My mom made me a cat ear headband in elementary school for a play. She used fabric and put stuffing in them then attached them with elastic cut large enough to go around my head.

  2. umm, can you give me the ear pattern? im trying to find the right ears for my amigurumi project~ ^^

  3. hi, do you mind sharing the cat's ear pattern? thanks before~ ^^

  4. sorry i guess i wrote 2 comments by mistake... -_-