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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Long time posting....

Well it has been a long time since I posted last and a lot of things have gone on.  I can not list all of them SOOO here are the highlights:

1. We wrecked our car.  That was fun... NOT!

2. I have been crocheting things like cowls, kittens, ducks, and a baby blanket for myself someday which are things I have never attempted... and some of which I will be selling on my friends etsy site. HERE!

3) My little neice is becoming soo smart! She has learned how to smile for the camera (video below) and just started crawling.  Really fast too!  Here is a video of her going for what she likes most shiny things like phones, and kitties.

And this is my todays post.  My friend Gayle has inspired me to do a post on macro.  Here's her blog!
She is a photographer and has sooo many really great shots.  My absolute favorite is the pink and yellow macro shot of a flower on her site.  If you like these photos and other photos of macro photography visit her site and she gives alot of cool information about the technique.  Mind you I am not a professional, but I just love taking pictures...and you wanna know something neat?  All of these photos were taken with my Samsung Memoir camera phone on the macro setting.  Pretty good camera phone huh?

Thanks for checking out my site, I hope you enjoyed the rather long post.  Normally they are not this long.  Until next time, Happy Crafting!